Organiser: Mei Kuen & Rusty Chok
Date: 24th Feb 2007
God of Fortune: Poh Yan
Emcee: Gary & Xiao Xuan
Treasurer: Wendy
Camera: Stuart
Video Cam: Loi
Decoration: Mona and Sharon
Logistics: Song & Desmond
Singers & Song Sheets: Loi, Xiao Xuan and Josephine
Games: SK, Jin Xiong & Sam
Food & Snacks: Wendy & Christina

Event Programme:

2:30pm – Arrival of God of Fortune
2:50pm – Serving of New Year Goodies
3:00pm – Chinese Musical Performance (Alexandra & Suzanne)
3:10pm – Lion Dance (Pei Chun Public Primary School)
3:30pm – Songs (Yishun JC students)
3:40pm – Martial Art (Edmund, Mei Kuen & Rusty)
3:50pm – Games
4:00pm – Serving Yu Sheng
4:20pm – Karaoke time
4:45pm – Dinner

Event Details

Briefing was conducted at about 2:00 pm followed by the preparation of the event. The Yishun JC students arrived at about 2:15 pm led by their teacher, Jih Check.

At 2:30pm, all of the elderly were gathered at the hall divided into 5 tables. The event started by the arrival of the God of Fortune greeting every elderly as well as giving away the goodies bags, snacks and Ang Pows. While the elderly were enjoying their snacks, the God of Fortune proceeded to level 2 and 3 accompanied by the Singing Group, which consisted of the YJC students.

The Lion Dance troop arrived earlier than expected. The Pei Chun Public Primary School students led by their instructor Mr Eric from Hong Sheng Koon Chinese Koontow & Lion Dance Society presented a spectacular show. The students were given Ang Pows by our GOF at the end of their performance.

Following the Lion Dance was the performance by our young Angels Alexandra & Suzanne. They presented a medley of Chinese New Year songs using the Chinese Flute and Western Clarinet. There was also a conspicuous small drum that Suzanne played during the performance.

The melancholic musical performance was then followed by songs presented by the YJC M203 students. Martial Arts was then presented by our Moral Angels, Edmund, Mei Kuen & Rusty. After the martial arts, the volunteers played some games with the old folks using the Zodiac animals. Prizes were given to the winners.

Lao Yu Sheng started at about 4:00 pm. The elderly together with the volunteers were happily shouting out their best wishes to everyone. The celebrations ended with a finale of mini concert where the Moral angles and YJC’s M203 belted out numerous CNY songs for the old folds.

The Buffet arrived at about 5pm. The Moral Angels took up the roles of serving the food. The sumptuous dinner end at about 6pm.


Rusty and Sharon suggested having stickers or flags on the elderly who are not supposed to be given certain food due to their swallowing problems. This was not communicated to all volunteers during the event and some of the elderly were given the snack by error.


Poh Yan for sponsoring angpows for elderly as well as volunteers.

TTSH Rehab for sponsoring F & B

Mr Michael Sum for the Mandarin Oranges & Goodies Tarts.

Christina for sponsoring the paper bags from DBS.

Giant Hypermarket for the prizes.

Stuart for the Yu Sheng

Song for the roast duck and pork

All the volunteers for the time and effort to make the event a success!

Thank you all.