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Moral Angels' Weekly Flash 280407

Yo yo angels,
I thought I forgot to send the weekly flash for 210407… Searching high and low but luckily manage to find it…is in my trash… Jin Xiong remember to upload the flash for 210407… Thank you so much..

I have read the Moral Home Travelogue : Penang … A very nice name indeed… Thank you so much for Stuart and Doris to type a detailed description on the trip to Penang… Very impressive and more efficient than my weekly flash..haha… Regret not to join you guys… Hope to do so in future if nothing happens… Can feel the excitement and thrill you guys have at Penang… I believe most of the Penang people have gain a lot of weight since most of the things you guys mentioned is about food… Some feedback is that the trip is abit too rush… Well, good feedback.. perhaps the welfare people can look into it in the future.. Thanks to Uncle Song and Auntie Molly for organizing the trip… I believe it is a deafening trip as well with Auntie Molly around.. haha…

Okay.. back to the outing to the Eastwood Park… The so-called “Sai Kang” water… Well it was a very successful and memorable outing… despite a short and different kind of outing experience… I will say this is a high key as well looking at the number of volunteers and elderly turning up.. I believe this is the first time we bring 30 over elderly to an outing, especially those who are not able to join us for the previous outing. Uncle Sam, can update us the number of elderly and volunteers joining us on that day…if you can… thanks.. perhaps you can include it in the report.. heehee…

The weather was very good and fine… not too hot and not too cloudy… The elderly were first treated with a small popiah snack prepared and sponsored by Uncle Song. Some of the volunteers who arrived earlier helped to feed the elderly…. Stuart, Doris, Auntie Molly, Jin Xiong, Fiona were some of the volunteers that helped out with the feeding..

At around 14:00hrs, volunteers started to flock to Moral Home… The volunteers were interestingly divided into five groups.. (Agar Agar, Durian, Chendol, BoBo JiaJia and forget already)… Rico”s ex-students were among the earliest to arrive to prepare the volunteers” list… Well done… next time can ask them to take over volunteers” coordinator role…

The elderly were then ushered to the main activity area where they were treated to some good songs sang by Gary, Stuart, Alex, Doris, Doris Sister and Rico”s ex-students. Given that the weather was fine, we decided to go to the Eastwood Park earlier… The elderly and volunteers were dispatched group by group.. There were usherers around for traffic control… The staff nurses even organized into their own group and bring out some of the elderly which were not even in our list… The sight of volunteers pushing the elderly throught the traffic and along the way to the Eastwood Park were spectacular… Passer-bys and onlookers were wondering who are these people wheeling the elderly..

Upon reaching the park, the volunteers then push the elderly for a stroll along the canel of Eastwood Park.. We also come across childrens” doing somersualts stunts in one of the households… After that, we proceed to a small shady area near the playground for sing-a-long session… Uncle Loi, Stuart, Gary, Alex and Rico”s ex-students performed nice and entertaining songs for the elderly and volunteers.

Time flies, and the elderly have to go back to the home to have their medicine and dinner.. Very unwillingly, the volunteers helped to bring the volunteers back to the home… The event doesn”t end there.. Upon reaching the home, all the elderly in the home were treated to a sumptuous meal…

Appreciation Honours:

Winnie, Matron Leong and the staff nurses of the home – Thank you for being very supportive and your helped for our logistic requests.. You even encouraged your staffs to join us for the event.. Sincerely appreciated.

Organizer and Program IC (Uncle Sam and Uncle Song) – Thank you for organizing such a mermorable and meaningful outing which catered and satisfied most of the elderly at the home… It was a very successful event as I can see the smiles of the elderly and the warmth and care that the volunteers had showered on that day.

6 Group ICs (Mei Kuen & Rusty, Jin Xiong, Wendy, Christina, Ah Xian) – You guys have done a fabulous job in managing the volunteers and elderly in your group… Everyone was back safely without any major incidents…

Food & Beverage (Ping Sing & Sharon) – Thank you for organizing such a marvelicious meal for the all the elderly in the home… The Cheng Ting was simply too great.. it came at a right time right place… haha.. i mean it is smoothing for our throat and given the unpredictable weather in Singapore…

Logistics (Desmond) – Thank you for assist me in the logistic.. you even brought your girlfriend along to help out… heart warming… bring her down more often…. :)

Safety and Traffic Control (Stuart, Poh Yan and Gary) – The so called traffic police… haha… thank you for controlling the traffic and along the way helping out the volunteers who have difficulties in wheeling the elderly when come to obstacles.

Volunteers” Coordinators (Rico) – A very impressive job done…One of the most difficult roles of all… Very interestingly in naming the group using desert and getting your chubby and entertaining ex-students to help… Always feel at ease whatever duty is assigned to…

Camera and Video Taking (Stuart, Poh Yan and Uncle Loi) – Thank you for capturing the memorable and beautiful things happened in the outing… The photographers were very efficient.. the volunteers can start viewing the pictures taken in the website…

All volunteers – who have helped out in one way or another….

Tweety aka dolphin aka Josephine Neo, Daniel and Alex – Great to see you guys helped out in the outing… Just some updates… Daniel and Alex are out of army, finally, haha and will be studying soon in NUS pursuing medicine.. I think so…

Alex – for playing the guitar and doing a solo singing at the end… at least more sporting and better than Rico… haha

Rico”s Students – You guys have been very entertaining… Do come back more often and bring more live to the elderly… Thanks

Fiona, SK, Auntie Mona, Brandon, Ken Goh, Ah Yong, Doris, Damien, Eric, Doris and Stuarts” relatives, my brother and cousins, Ping Sing”s friends, Ah Xian”s friends, Auntie Molly and all the volunteers who were present on that day… Sorry if I missed out anybody… But anyway, I appreciate each individual presence for making this outing a safe and successful event and bring out a different Saturday for the elderly at Moral Home.. Thank you…


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  • Moral Angels Weekly Flash 210407

    Yo yo angels,
    Sorry for the delay of weekly flash… Long story… my outlook 2003 crashed.. so format my whole laptop…now the situation lagi worse… siao liao… life without laptop very jialat… so therefore some of the angels might not even receive my mail. Now currently using my brother laptop to send this weekly flash…

    Well, it was another rowdy and lively Saturday afternoon… We had quite a number of volunteers turn up for Saturday Activity… Auntie Molly once again conducting the card games for the elderly… she really like those big sister in the gambling den… perhaps with the new IR coming out, she can be there to be the dealer… haha… Of course with her around there will always be food… Jin Xiong, Gary, Christina, Rusty, Mei Kuen, Stuart, Doris, Uncle Sam, Ping Sing, Ah Xian, Ken Goh, Suzanne and Julene were there to assist the games… The elderly had bean bags and ball throwing..

    Doris, Rusty were playing Jenga with the elderly…Sharon as usual doing befriending and running errands for the ah gong and ah ma… And definitely not forgtting Uncle Song… He was there to run errands ???????????? for the elderly as well… Mei Kuen, Suzanne and julene were playing mahjong with the ah mas… As for the singing session, it was Gary, Stuart and Ah Yong dominating the singing session. During the singing session, Uncle Sam brought the Group leaders for a small recce at the park for the coming Saturday outing. Huai Yuan was there as well together with his mum doing befriending with the elderly… However, it as a pity that Huai Yuan and Yong Guan will not be able to assist for the outing as they have enrolment or admission interview at NUS… Eric was also there as well… Despite his busy schedule, he still fork up precious time to visit the elderly… Hopefully, I did not miss anybody out….

    Lastly, Mei Kuen conducted the speech therapy last sunday at NCSS for ESN workshop… it was well received and the feedback is positive… Perhaps she can conduct one for the angels as well… Ya one of them mentioned it was too “chim”.. I think she went indepth to it… Kim Leng aka Jin Xiong also attended the workshop, Togetherness In Volunterism.. Can find out from him as well… Tweety, Suzanne and Alexandra went for the Beginning in Volunteering workshop last Sunday… They had gone through the wheelchair handling technique… So Uncle Sam, no need to worry for them.. can ask them to handle the immobile elderly… ESN members commented that how come our volunteers are so young… well those 3 are the youngest besides Alex, that have attended the workshop organized by ESN…

    I will also like to thank the angels for visiting my granny last Saturday… She wants me to say thank you to all of you… Auntie Vickie has recovered from her eye surgery… She even joked with us during our visit to SGH last Saturday… I think she is happy to see most of us there…

    A reminder of this coming Saturday outing to the park… looking forward to it… and please kindly be there by 1330hrs… See you guys there then…


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  • Moral Angels Weekly Flash 140407

    Yo yo angels,

    Sorry for the delay of weekly flash. Well, it was a rowdy and lively Saturday afternoon feel so young It was great to see Huai Yuan coming back to Moral Home to help out in the activities. Yong Guan and Huai Yuan will also be helping us for our outing on the 28th April 2007. Our little moral angels were back during the midst of their studies to assist the activities. Tweety, Alexandra, Suzanne and Julene were there last Saturday. They even brought their friends along Gabriel, Sally and Joanna. Welcome welcome. Likewise, Suzanne, Tweety, Alexandra and Julene will also be helping us for the outing as well What about Gabriel, Sally and Joanna??

    We also have a new volunteer coming to join us. His name is Eric Lee. He will be helping us for the outing as well. Thank you Eric and welcome to Moral Home. He will be coming down at least once a month, however he needs to go off at 4pm as he has to fetch his daughter at 4.30pm from tuition class (if I’m not wrong).

    Uncle Song was conducting the card games which were later taken over by the young little moral angels. Christina, Gary, SK, Rusty, Mei Kuen, Doris, Uncle Sam, Uncle Meng Huat, Sharon, Kim Leng aka Jin Xiong, Ah Yong, Stuart, Doris, Huai Yuan, Tweety, Alexandra, Suzanne, Julene, Gabriel, Eric, Sally and Joanna were there to conduct the throwing of bean bags, fishing, soft ball throwing, board games, befriending as well as running errands for elderly. (Hopefully I did not miss out anybody) hehe

    Our sing-a-long session was conducted by Stuart and Gary. They brought out some of the most popular chinese, Cantonese as well as hokkien pop songs for the elderly… The young little angels also joined in the fun as well. Hehe

    Not forgetting Auntie Molly who brought us good food on Saturday and our cool Poh Yan who was always there every Saturday to assist the board games and the activities. Suzanne, please help me to check Gabriel’s and your sis, Julene’s email.. I have received bounce back from their emails and also help me to check whether Edmund will be able to join in the workshop on this Sunday.. Thanks


    • Alexandra, Suzanne and Tweety will be joining the Beginning Volunteer Workshop while Jin Xiong, Ah Xian and Mei Kuen will be joining the Togetherness in Volunteerism Workshop. Both workshops are conducted by ESN (Elderly Sector Network). It will be held on this coming Sunday 22nd April 2007 from 9.15am to before 3pm at National Council of Social Service. Mei Kuen will be giving a talk on speech therapy.. Moral Angels can feel free dropby and lend your support hehe
    • Tweety will be joining the Volunteer Guitar Group on the 1st week of June. So now Moral Home will have another guitarist..
    • There will be live band performance and choir singing by student of Chua Chu Kang Secondary School on 27th April 2007 from 4pm onwards. It is organized by Rico. Moral Angels can feel free to dropby to lend your support as well. hehe
    • Rico’s shop is opened at Novena Square 2. The angels had went to her shop last Saturday to send their wishes..
    • Mei Kuen has a very interesting English Name, Interested personnel can ask her directly J
    • There will be a new resident staying at Moral Home. He is about 46 years old and will be there for about 2 months. Keep a lookout.
    • There will be at total of 37 elderly joining us the outing to the nearby park on the 28th April 2007. Therefore we need manpowers or volunteers to assist us in the outing. I will leave to Uncle Sam and Uncle Song for a final announcement before the actual outing.
    • I will not be able to join some of the angels for the coming Penang Trip. Sincere apologies


    Hui Quan

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  • Moral Angels’ Weekly Flash 070407

    Hi Hi Angels,

    It was quite a lively and exciting Saturday afternoon. One of our moral angels, Huai Yuan went to the home to visit the elderly. He was there at about 1pm. For your information, Huai Yuan and Yong Guan are currently serving the army. They have completed their ‘A’ levels and have achieved very good results… Congratulation to both of them… They are now in the process of applying medicine cause at NUS…

    Most angels started to arrive at the home from 2.30pm onwards… We started mobilizing the elderly to the common area to watch “Liang Po Po” courtesy from Auntie Molly… Desmond and Uncle Song were there early to set up the system. Christina, Sharon, Fiona, Rico, Jasmine Alex, Huai Yuan, Uncle Sam, Winnie, Gary, SK and Poh Yan helped to mobilize the elderly to the common area… Uncle Meng Huat helped to conduct the card games for the elderly…. SK played mahjong with the “Tai Tais” of Moral Home, while the rest proceeded to the volunteer room to attend our first moral angels’ sharing session – first aid… conducted by Stuart with Gary as his assistance… Soon after Ah Yong, Ah Xian and Ping Sing joined in the session…

    Uncle Loi and Brandon subsequently came and joined us for the Saturday activity… Uncle Loi assisted in the chess playing while the rest of us were having fun with the practical lesson… Ah yong was arrowed to become our model for Stuart to use it for demonstration on bandaging as well as choking. Poor Ah Yong, his nicely coloured gel hair was damaged while doing the head bandage… haha… All his pathetic face was posted on the moral angels’ website at One of the elderly even commented just finished gang fight at Geylang…whaahaha…

    In an hour, we were taught head bandage, should bandage, arm bandage, leg bandage and choking.. It was a very enriching lesson and I believe the angels were having a great and fruitful lesson prepared by Stuart. A very big than you to Stuart who made tremendous effort in preparing the lesson for us… Well, the next sharing session will be late June or July… So do give us feedback on what you guys want to learn or share…


    • There will be a small outing on the 28th April 2007. This time round we will be targeting 35 elderly and so need volunteers helped to get volunteers… Further details have been furnished by our co-organizers, Uncle Sam and Uncle Song through email and website… Thank you Uncle Sam and Uncle Song for the effort… Uncle Sam & Song, have you emailed the food list to Winnie and Matron Leong?
    • Those volunteers who are going to Penang Trip on the 28th April, try to come down this Saturday for a short briefing.. hehe.. if cannot never mind, we will update you through email and website… Shall we have oversea versions of “Shi Zhi Lu Kou”?? Can it be done? I will be bringing my video camera down… hehe….

    Thank you Jin Xiong for being consistently updated the photographs, reports and the weekly flash to the website… Thanks…


    Hui Quan

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  • Chinese New Year 2007 – Report

    Organiser: Mei Kuen & Rusty Chok
    Date: 24th Feb 2007
    God of Fortune: Poh Yan
    Emcee: Gary & Xiao Xuan
    Treasurer: Wendy
    Camera: Stuart
    Video Cam: Loi
    Decoration: Mona and Sharon
    Logistics: Song & Desmond
    Singers & Song Sheets: Loi, Xiao Xuan and Josephine
    Games: SK, Jin Xiong & Sam
    Food & Snacks: Wendy & Christina

    Event Programme:

    2:30pm – Arrival of God of Fortune
    2:50pm – Serving of New Year Goodies
    3:00pm – Chinese Musical Performance (Alexandra & Suzanne)
    3:10pm – Lion Dance (Pei Chun Public Primary School)
    3:30pm – Songs (Yishun JC students)
    3:40pm – Martial Art (Edmund, Mei Kuen & Rusty)
    3:50pm – Games
    4:00pm – Serving Yu Sheng
    4:20pm – Karaoke time
    4:45pm – Dinner

    Event Details

    Briefing was conducted at about 2:00 pm followed by the preparation of the event. The Yishun JC students arrived at about 2:15 pm led by their teacher, Jih Check.

    At 2:30pm, all of the elderly were gathered at the hall divided into 5 tables. The event started by the arrival of the God of Fortune greeting every elderly as well as giving away the goodies bags, snacks and Ang Pows. While the elderly were enjoying their snacks, the God of Fortune proceeded to level 2 and 3 accompanied by the Singing Group, which consisted of the YJC students.

    The Lion Dance troop arrived earlier than expected. The Pei Chun Public Primary School students led by their instructor Mr Eric from Hong Sheng Koon Chinese Koontow & Lion Dance Society presented a spectacular show. The students were given Ang Pows by our GOF at the end of their performance.

    Following the Lion Dance was the performance by our young Angels Alexandra & Suzanne. They presented a medley of Chinese New Year songs using the Chinese Flute and Western Clarinet. There was also a conspicuous small drum that Suzanne played during the performance.

    The melancholic musical performance was then followed by songs presented by the YJC M203 students. Martial Arts was then presented by our Moral Angels, Edmund, Mei Kuen & Rusty. After the martial arts, the volunteers played some games with the old folks using the Zodiac animals. Prizes were given to the winners.

    Lao Yu Sheng started at about 4:00 pm. The elderly together with the volunteers were happily shouting out their best wishes to everyone. The celebrations ended with a finale of mini concert where the Moral angles and YJC’s M203 belted out numerous CNY songs for the old folds.

    The Buffet arrived at about 5pm. The Moral Angels took up the roles of serving the food. The sumptuous dinner end at about 6pm.


    Rusty and Sharon suggested having stickers or flags on the elderly who are not supposed to be given certain food due to their swallowing problems. This was not communicated to all volunteers during the event and some of the elderly were given the snack by error.


    Poh Yan for sponsoring angpows for elderly as well as volunteers.

    TTSH Rehab for sponsoring F & B

    Mr Michael Sum for the Mandarin Oranges & Goodies Tarts.

    Christina for sponsoring the paper bags from DBS.

    Giant Hypermarket for the prizes.

    Stuart for the Yu Sheng

    Song for the roast duck and pork

    All the volunteers for the time and effort to make the event a success!

    Thank you all.

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  • Fresh & Fun Outing 2007 – Itinerary

    Hello to all MA,

    Another exciting event this April. Pls find below the itinerary for Fresh and Fun outing 2007. It gonna be a really low key event. But we still need everyones support and effort to bring more joy to our Ah Gongs and Ah Ma”s isnt it.

    Well, some appointments had being either volunteered or kanna arrowed or being conned into it. Nevertheless, we, MA accepted most happily arent we…….hahahahaha

    But still cannot find vacancy for Safety & traffic control, Logistic and camera & video. So if you are free pls.. pls help hor….kam seah first…There will be briefing for the event this Sat(7/4/07) – …. of course, the meeting will be chaired by our Chairman and Event Head – Brother Song…so if you guys dont wanna be arrowed, pls drop by tomorrow. I know this message is rather late, but better late than never…..and thats why i seldom reply email…….hahahaha

    Last but not least, we wlecome ideas and suggestions.

    Thanks & Cheers



    Subject : Visit to the Park

    Date : 28/4/2007 – Sat

    Venue : Park Opposite to Newater Plant

    Time : 1.30pm to 6pm

    Budget : Low Key

    Timetable :

    1315 – 1400 – Volunteer registration

    1400 – 1445 – bring down elderly

    1445 – 1515 – Snacks and befriending

    1515 – 1545 – Games and Laughter

    1545 – 1600 – Outing group formation

    1600 – 1700 – gentle stroll to the Park

    1700 – 1715 – back to home

    1715 – 1745 – dinner time

    Brief : It will be a interaction day between the elderly and the volunteers. Plan to have some fun in the home, then will wheel the elderly to the park for some sun shine, fresh air, also to view one of our greatest water supply – The Newater Plant. Along the way, we will pass by the residential areas,more like a fun stroll to the park. Then, will proceed back to the home for dinner with the rest of the residences.

    This time, we want to be slightly different, whereby we hope to bring more residence who are on wheel chair and those who seldom join us in the outing activities. Ratio as 25 wheel chair, 10 mobile – total 35 elderly

    Appointments :

    1) Organiser & Program I/C – Brother Song & Sam Lew

    2) Group I/C – Ah Xian, Jin Xiong, Wendy, Christina

    • Divided into 4 groups
    • All elderly will be on wheelchair or with wheelchair on standby
    • Ensure safety
    • Appoint your own 2 I/C
    • Move in group

    3) Food & Beverage – Ping Sing – Food I/C

    • Home will still cook rice and 1 vegetable
    • Food I/C will top up meat, more vegetable and healthy food for the residence. As dinner will be at MH, F & B I/C will ensure enough top up food for residence at home too.
    • Pls furnish foodlist to Winnie for clearance
    • Uncle Song will prepare 1 dish of ‘Khong Bah’ – (dark sauce pork dish) and Po Piah for Snack time
    • Sister Sharon – will prepare ‘Cheng Teng’ – desert

    4) Logistic – I/C – TBA – 2 person

    • 35 wheelchairs – will standby wheelchair onto ambulance even for mobile elderly.
    • Borrow an ambulance, Umbrella, mineral water, cap.

    5) Safety Control – TBA – 2 person

    • traffic control over the traffic light outside the home and along the walk way

    6) Volunteers Coordination – Rico

    • total volunteers needed – excluding committee – 45members
    • Assigned 1 volunteer to 1 elderly.
    • have Basic wheel chair handling is preferred, may not be necessary!

    7) Camera & Video taking – TBA

    • To capture the most precious moments

    NOTE :

    1. Liaise with Winnie on the elderly names, dinner, drinks, 2 nurses attachment, T loan on the ambulance, wheelchair, cooking of Rice & 1 vegetable dish, elderly name list
    2. Drinks & snack for volunteers
    3. Food / Snacks / desert – budget
    4. Need volunteers to help out on the following tasks :
    • Safety & Traffic Control – 3person
    • Logistic control – 2 person
    • Photo & Video – 2 person
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