Dearest Moral Angels,

Come on angels, let’s welcome our sugar free ricola back!!! Hip Hip Hooray!! Hip Hip Hooray! One more time! 😀 thank you thank you!

Yes you have me, the freshly returned angel, to report on yesterday’s activities at the home ( if you wait for the VL or the AVLs to report, it’ll be a week later! 😛 hahaha) thus, to be an understanding, supportive angel, i would strongly encourage other angels to VOLUNTEER yourself for the weekly flash! {oh thanks Charlie for the next week’s flash! =D}

okay okay, i will start my real business now. All activities were being carried out smoothly with the help of these angels:

Brother Song (the early birdie) – forever errand runner for aunt jenny cum the banker for cards game

Ah quan (the ah ‘tao’) – started the gambling with ah mas then played sticky balls with the elderlys and subsequently shook legs in the aircon room doing ‘important’ paper work for the angels??!! 😛

Ping Sing (the all time favourite singer cum ‘professional’ dietician) – played games like basketball, passing bean bags, with the elderlys and sang some overdued Chinese New Year songs with expired mouldy angels Yong and of course uncle Loi Loi Loi :)

Ah Xian & Ah Kuen (the goody & the bady) – sweat themselves like mad, being movable basketball net for the old folks to aim… Good job 😛 Keep it up!

Ah Rusty (the head pain neck pain ‘folk’) – did some hand excercise with the elderlys together with ah Kuen then quietly went to entertain uncle Yi Long at a corner playing the wooden blocks!

Ah Des (the logistic in charge) – set up the necessary, played mah-jong with the ah mas (at the same time smsing ‘girlfriend’) and then had a ‘dumb’ war with uncle John.

Ah SK (the slacker) – ‘actively’ playing sticky sticky balls with the elderlys and then happily stick himself inside the aircon room doing his school work??!!

Mr Ng – talked to the ah kongs, played chess with Uncle Kok Kie and did a part-time ‘dispute mid-man’

Uncle Loi (the all time MVE=Most Valuable Entertainer) – like the title said, entertained the old folks with his unbelievable ‘unwanted’ “tai feng”

Ah Yong (the ‘gong kia’) – sang songs and only sang songs… to entertained himself. thanks a lot 😛

Sharon (the pao ka liao) – befriended the bedridden elderlys, massaged , rubbed oil for them, do this and that… and most importantly gossipped with them… :p

Ah Wai (the the the…) – talked to folks upstairs, ran errand, played mahjong with the ah mas.

Hmm, that’s more or less not so accurate info reported 😛 thanks for your kind attention!

From VL- Important Announcements

1. Next Sat: Distributing of snacks (pancakes) without any movie screening. So do come and help to distribute pancakes with gloves and play with the elderlys without gloves early! After which angels proceed for dinner and karaoke!

2. Next next Sat (24/03): Volunteers’ Sports Day after Home activity. So pls come in appropriate attire and equipment! No shiny sandals hor? 😛

3. Next next next Sat (31/03): Movie screening, room cleaning by AVLs, organising of photos by Po Yan, Damien, Tomoko and Jinxiong! Hello! Hello! where have you all been? Pls report ASAP??? Last but not least, an hour of ‘not so First Aid’ training by the not so “trustable” nurse Gary.


* The organisers for VIVO outing and CNY celebration, pls SURRENDER your event REPORT by next Fri 16/03/07 – 2359!!! YOU GOT IT?!! Yes YOU- Jinxiong and Rusty!!


-Lay Guat from Kreta Ayer and other folks came to visit our elderlys last sat! Welcome! :)

-A few angels went to visit Aunt Lim (the ah ma with a lot of plasters on her face) in CGH as she fell and had a stroke.

Oh, the volunteers welfare sub-com proposed to go for a short getaway over a weekend (29 April to 1 May) to Penang. If you are really interested to ‘get up close and personal’ with the angels, pls go apply for hols now!! If have other better places in mind or a better date, pls suggest to Brother Song or Doris 😛


Life is Short? Unpredictable? Valuable???? Do things Now? Tomorrow? or Later????? Treasure yourSelf? your Time? your People? or your Money????

well oh well, weather is getting hot hot hot lately, so pls drink more water, eat more grass!! Take Care and see ya next sat! 😛