Hi Hi Angels,

It has been quite sometimes since I wrote the weekly flash. Thanks to Rico, Sharon and Stuart who have been helping with the weekly flashes. A very quick recapped on what has happened last Saturday.

As most volunteers started to arrive from 3.30pm onwards, most of our activities revolved around card games, board games, fishing, mahjong and sing-a-long session. There are many elderly came down last Saturday. However, due to the lack of manpower, most elderly were there to watch the TV. Uncle Song arrived the earliest who started to run errands for the elderly. The card game was conducted by Uncle Song which was subsequently passed on to Auntie Molly. Auntie Molly even brought some delicious fried sweet cake for the volunteers and elderly to eat. Poh Yan played Jenga with the elderly, Mei Kuen and Winnie played Mahjong with the elderly. Uncle Sam, Christina and Jasmine conducted the fishing games. Sharon and Rico as usual went around doing befriending with the elderly.

Our Gary and ‘newly signed’ artist Jin Xiong conducted the sing-a-long session for the elderly. Ken Goh also joined to assist them in the singing. Rusty will officially join Moral Angels Music Recording Studio Co. in this coming week… haha… Now we officially present the artists in Moral Angels Music Recording Studio Co… Uncle Loi, Gary, Ping Sing, Ah Yong, Alex, Jojo, Stuart, Xiao Xuan and the newly joined Rusty and Jin Xiong…. Haha…Subsequently, Ping Sing and Ah Xian joined in and assisted in the feeding. Hope I did not miss anybody out.

After the activity, we proceeded to Changi General Hospital for our Moral Angels’ Sports Day. We played badminton, basketball, net ball, table tennis and gym workout at the multipurpose hall. It was a tiring but extremely fun and enjoyable day except that there was some pollution at the hall… and that is noise pollution… created by none other our Jasmine. The whole hall and the basket ball court was full of her noises…haha..must wear ear mufflers next time..hehe..

Some Announcement:

  • The sharing session that is supposed to be held this coming Saturday is postponed to next Saturday, 7th April 2007 from 3pm to 4pm. Our trainer, Stuart has something on this coming Saturday and therefore it is postponed to next week. He will be conducting some first aid session relating to elderly. So do come and support.
  • As a result, this Saturday will be a normal activity and the movie screening will be postponed to next Saturday. However the photograph compilation will still carry on as usual. Some elderly are complaining that the photos outside are outdated. Time to update the new ones as they want to see their faces on the pictures… And I need volunteers to help me with that…
  • There will be an outing coming out on 28th April organized by Uncle Sam and Uncle Song. It will be a low key event. Details will be announced to all of you through email as well as updated it on the blog.
  • Auntie Beng Choo has come back from Changi General Hospital and is now staying at Level 2. Auntie Nellie has fractured her arm and is now recuperating at the home. Angels, do pay them a visit if you have the time.
  • Despite Uncle George’s brother has passed away, we still see Uncle George drop by to Moral Home to visit the elderly. How nice of him…. Shall we ask him to join us as a family member of Moral Angels??
  • Lastly, the overseas trip to Penang is confirmed (Uncle Song-pls verify) haha… It will be from 28th April evening till 1st May morning… Details will be announced soon. Probably next week. Interested personnel, please let us known as soon as possible, preferably by this week. Thanks…
  • For those who have missed out the past weekly flashes, you can access all information and updates on the website at www.moralangels.com . Jin Xiong has actively and consistently updated all our weekly flashes and events on the blog… Thanks….


Ah Quan