Dearest Moral Angels,

Hey! Where is the “understanding, supportive angel” Charlie who’s supposed to write last week flash! Hemm… can’t be trusted!…He only know how to enjoy his drink and jump on people suddenly…hahaha.

After last week home activities, gary, yong, jx, sk, song, loi, mona, meikuen, rusty, ken, rico, christina, ping sing & me were at PartyWorld, singing our hearts out. The one that enjoyed the most at our moral angels’ karaoke’s gathering must be Charlie Yong.:) He was mesmerized by Ken Goh’s…hahaha…why? He just discovered that KEN CAN sing.:) On the other hand we also discovered that Jin Xiong and Rusty are great singers too. Gary, Loi, Ping Sing & Yong, maybe you people should let these 2 take over the mike. Hey, Jinxiong & Rusty don’t be chicken leh.:) you are only singing for ah kongs and ah mas.J

Rusty, the vivo city outing’s report was out already, so where is yours? huh! huh! Don’t keep eating so many creepy crawly crabby and get nightmares, do your happy reporting quickly.

Last week was snack’s day and Song bought so many red beans’ pancakes for the elderly. After they finished the snack, some elderly were asking for song & music to start. Before gary and yong started singing, Michael, from the U.S. began to sing for the elderly. He, together with 2 cousins were invited down by our long lost angel Amy; Alex’s aunty. Welcome back Amy, aunty Vicky misses you. You can see that she was so happy to see you.

Song, you are always so cool at the poker table but last Saturday your assistant, rico was like a gangster..J Don’t know whether she cheated the ah mas or not? Hahaha..Ok, ok, rico angel was observant, she spotted uncle john sitting at his table waiting for his checker game and she quickly took out the game and offer herself as target.J

Rusty, poor gal, was standing playing such a BIG aeroplane game with 3 ah mas. Wonder where they are flying to?

Mei Kuen? Hahaha she got blurry eyes after taking over from Alexandra at the mahjong game with ah mas and meng huat. Practice makes perfect eyesight, mei kuen.J

Christina and uncle yi long were shocking people with their timberer game when it came crashing down. It is a good game for him and other interested party cos it train them to have steady hands and mind. As these game needs concentration too. Hope more elderly will join this game.

Uncle kok kee and Uncle lim got to play a round of Chinese chess before they went upstairs to changed and get ready for a dinner outing organized by some society.

Angels, 24th is our sport day so please remember to bring sport gears. And on 28th to 1st May 2007 Song & Rico is organizing a short holiday to Penang so interested parties please report to the volunteers welfare officers as soon as possible . J That date is a long weekend so hotel rooms need to be book EARLY. So far we have 7 angels.

AVL stuart, please come down to HOME on 31st March to CLEAN the storeroom.


wish me bon voyage! :)