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Moral Angels’ Weekly Flash 240307

Hi Hi Angels,

It has been quite sometimes since I wrote the weekly flash. Thanks to Rico, Sharon and Stuart who have been helping with the weekly flashes. A very quick recapped on what has happened last Saturday.

As most volunteers started to arrive from 3.30pm onwards, most of our activities revolved around card games, board games, fishing, mahjong and sing-a-long session. There are many elderly came down last Saturday. However, due to the lack of manpower, most elderly were there to watch the TV. Uncle Song arrived the earliest who started to run errands for the elderly. The card game was conducted by Uncle Song which was subsequently passed on to Auntie Molly. Auntie Molly even brought some delicious fried sweet cake for the volunteers and elderly to eat. Poh Yan played Jenga with the elderly, Mei Kuen and Winnie played Mahjong with the elderly. Uncle Sam, Christina and Jasmine conducted the fishing games. Sharon and Rico as usual went around doing befriending with the elderly.

Our Gary and ‘newly signed’ artist Jin Xiong conducted the sing-a-long session for the elderly. Ken Goh also joined to assist them in the singing. Rusty will officially join Moral Angels Music Recording Studio Co. in this coming week… haha… Now we officially present the artists in Moral Angels Music Recording Studio Co… Uncle Loi, Gary, Ping Sing, Ah Yong, Alex, Jojo, Stuart, Xiao Xuan and the newly joined Rusty and Jin Xiong…. Haha…Subsequently, Ping Sing and Ah Xian joined in and assisted in the feeding. Hope I did not miss anybody out.

After the activity, we proceeded to Changi General Hospital for our Moral Angels’ Sports Day. We played badminton, basketball, net ball, table tennis and gym workout at the multipurpose hall. It was a tiring but extremely fun and enjoyable day except that there was some pollution at the hall… and that is noise pollution… created by none other our Jasmine. The whole hall and the basket ball court was full of her noises…haha..must wear ear mufflers next time..hehe..

Some Announcement:

  • The sharing session that is supposed to be held this coming Saturday is postponed to next Saturday, 7th April 2007 from 3pm to 4pm. Our trainer, Stuart has something on this coming Saturday and therefore it is postponed to next week. He will be conducting some first aid session relating to elderly. So do come and support.
  • As a result, this Saturday will be a normal activity and the movie screening will be postponed to next Saturday. However the photograph compilation will still carry on as usual. Some elderly are complaining that the photos outside are outdated. Time to update the new ones as they want to see their faces on the pictures… And I need volunteers to help me with that…
  • There will be an outing coming out on 28th April organized by Uncle Sam and Uncle Song. It will be a low key event. Details will be announced to all of you through email as well as updated it on the blog.
  • Auntie Beng Choo has come back from Changi General Hospital and is now staying at Level 2. Auntie Nellie has fractured her arm and is now recuperating at the home. Angels, do pay them a visit if you have the time.
  • Despite Uncle George’s brother has passed away, we still see Uncle George drop by to Moral Home to visit the elderly. How nice of him…. Shall we ask him to join us as a family member of Moral Angels??
  • Lastly, the overseas trip to Penang is confirmed (Uncle Song-pls verify) haha… It will be from 28th April evening till 1st May morning… Details will be announced soon. Probably next week. Interested personnel, please let us known as soon as possible, preferably by this week. Thanks…
  • For those who have missed out the past weekly flashes, you can access all information and updates on the website at . Jin Xiong has actively and consistently updated all our weekly flashes and events on the blog… Thanks….


Ah Quan

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  • Moral Angels Weekly Flash 170307

    Dearest Moral Angels,

    Hey! Where is the “understanding, supportive angel” Charlie who’s supposed to write last week flash! Hemm… can’t be trusted!…He only know how to enjoy his drink and jump on people suddenly…hahaha.

    After last week home activities, gary, yong, jx, sk, song, loi, mona, meikuen, rusty, ken, rico, christina, ping sing & me were at PartyWorld, singing our hearts out. The one that enjoyed the most at our moral angels’ karaoke’s gathering must be Charlie Yong.:) He was mesmerized by Ken Goh’s…hahaha…why? He just discovered that KEN CAN sing.:) On the other hand we also discovered that Jin Xiong and Rusty are great singers too. Gary, Loi, Ping Sing & Yong, maybe you people should let these 2 take over the mike. Hey, Jinxiong & Rusty don’t be chicken leh.:) you are only singing for ah kongs and ah mas.J

    Rusty, the vivo city outing’s report was out already, so where is yours? huh! huh! Don’t keep eating so many creepy crawly crabby and get nightmares, do your happy reporting quickly.

    Last week was snack’s day and Song bought so many red beans’ pancakes for the elderly. After they finished the snack, some elderly were asking for song & music to start. Before gary and yong started singing, Michael, from the U.S. began to sing for the elderly. He, together with 2 cousins were invited down by our long lost angel Amy; Alex’s aunty. Welcome back Amy, aunty Vicky misses you. You can see that she was so happy to see you.

    Song, you are always so cool at the poker table but last Saturday your assistant, rico was like a gangster..J Don’t know whether she cheated the ah mas or not? Hahaha..Ok, ok, rico angel was observant, she spotted uncle john sitting at his table waiting for his checker game and she quickly took out the game and offer herself as target.J

    Rusty, poor gal, was standing playing such a BIG aeroplane game with 3 ah mas. Wonder where they are flying to?

    Mei Kuen? Hahaha she got blurry eyes after taking over from Alexandra at the mahjong game with ah mas and meng huat. Practice makes perfect eyesight, mei kuen.J

    Christina and uncle yi long were shocking people with their timberer game when it came crashing down. It is a good game for him and other interested party cos it train them to have steady hands and mind. As these game needs concentration too. Hope more elderly will join this game.

    Uncle kok kee and Uncle lim got to play a round of Chinese chess before they went upstairs to changed and get ready for a dinner outing organized by some society.

    Angels, 24th is our sport day so please remember to bring sport gears. And on 28th to 1st May 2007 Song & Rico is organizing a short holiday to Penang so interested parties please report to the volunteers welfare officers as soon as possible . J That date is a long weekend so hotel rooms need to be book EARLY. So far we have 7 angels.

    AVL stuart, please come down to HOME on 31st March to CLEAN the storeroom.


    wish me bon voyage! :)


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  • Vivocity Trip 2007 – Report


    The objective of the event is to bring the elderly of Moral Home out for a shopping trip during the Chinese New Year festive season, and provide a wonderful and relaxing experience for the elderly. The venue is Giant Hypermart, Vivocity. The date is 3rd Feb 2007.


    Venue – Giant Hypermart, Vivocity.

    Date – 3rd Feb 2007

    Time – 1pm to 7pm

    Elderly – 26

    Volunteers – 50

    Committee Members – 12

    Shopping Allowance – $20 per elderly

    Dinner – Ah Orh Restaurant

    Event Details

    Registration of volunteers started at 1pm. A total of 50 volunteers and 26 elderly were divided into 4 groups, namely Yellow, Pink, Green and Orange. A color sticker tag was given to everyone for easy identification. Volunteers are paired up with a elderly to take care of throughout the trip.

    A briefing was conducted by the event coordinator to highlight the objective of the trip, the schedule, and safety issues. This was followed by a demonstration on proper wheelchair handling. Shopping cash was handed out by the Treasurer to volunteers who will be helping to pay on behalf of the elderly. After the briefing, a short group discussion was conducted by group leader with their members.

    At 2pm, elderly were helped by volunteers to board the chartered SBS buses. Sing along session was conducted to entertain the elderly throughout the journey.

    The wheelchairs were transported in lorry by Logistics members. They did a good job in ensuring the wheelchairs were loaded properly, and arriving on time at the outing locations.

    Upon reaching Vivocity, the group alighted at a public bus stop outside Vivocity. Elderly were helped by volunteers to their wheelchairs that were unloaded minutes earlier by Logistics members. The group then proceeded to Giant supermarket to meet up with the F&B members.

    The F&B members had arrived earlier to collect goodies bags sponsored by Giant for the elderly. The content of the goodies bags : 3-in-1 coffee, bottle of chicken essence, freshly baked bun, mineral water bottle, mandarin oranges and other groceries. The elderly enjoyed their specially prepared snacks, while volunteers prepared themselves to navigate through the crowds in Giant.

    After the short break, the shopping began. 2 groups started their shopping at level 1: clothings and electronics department. The rest proceeded to basement 2 for food and groceries. Volunteers position themselves at the travelator to help elderly navigate and ensure their safety.

    Some were fast shoppers, finishing their shopping in minutes. Others were taking their time to go through the store before deciding what to buy. Everyone was having a good time, chatting and laughing. After 30 minutes, most had finished their shopping and were queuing up for checkout. Groups started to gathered outside Giant, comparing their buys, chatting, and taking photos.

    After everyone was done, it was time for some photo taking. The walkway along the bay was a great spot with Sentosa in the background. The sky was clear with cool sea breeze as the group take their spot for a group photo.

    The buses arrived at the waiting point in time to fetch everyone to dinner. Dinner was held at Ah Orh restaurant located in Bukit Merah, a short ride from Vivocity. The elderly were seated together with the volunteers to ensure their needs were taken care. The food were fresh and tasty, and the service was top notch. Everyone enjoyed the food as it was something different from the daily meals.

    After the sumption dinner, everyone boarded the bus for a short tour of Chinatown. It was near Chinese New Year and Chinatown was filled with festive mood. After the bus made its round through the area, it was time to head back Moral Home.

    As the volunteers bid farewell to the elderly at the home, one can sense their happiness and enjoyment from the trip. Although the limps tired, but the faces contented. It was surely a day for everyone to remember.


    Due to the large numbers of volunteers for this event, the registration process took longer than excepted. More members should be assigned to handle registration in future events.

    There were insufficient wheelchairs for the elderly, due to miscalculation. Event coordinator should communicate more closely with Logistics members in future events.


    Moral Home nurses and therapist for attending to the needs and safety of the elderly.

    Giant Hypermarket for the generous goodies bags.

    Ah Orh Restaurant for the great food and service, and HUGE discount.

    Uncle bus drivers for the timely and safe transport.

    All volunteers for your time, patience and kindness.

    All committee members for your effort and time put into the event.

    Committee Members

    Event Coordinator – Hui Quan, Jin Xiong

    Volunteer Coordinator – Rico, Ah Xian

    Treasurer – Wendy

    F&B – Sharon

    Goodies Bag – Christina, Fiona

    Logistics – Song, Desmond

    Multimedia – Poh Yan, Stuart

    Group Leader – Gary, Loi, SK, Sam

    SPECIAL Moral Home Weekly Flash 100307

    Dearest Moral Angels,

    Come on angels, let’s welcome our sugar free ricola back!!! Hip Hip Hooray!! Hip Hip Hooray! One more time! 😀 thank you thank you!

    Yes you have me, the freshly returned angel, to report on yesterday’s activities at the home ( if you wait for the VL or the AVLs to report, it’ll be a week later! 😛 hahaha) thus, to be an understanding, supportive angel, i would strongly encourage other angels to VOLUNTEER yourself for the weekly flash! {oh thanks Charlie for the next week’s flash! =D}

    okay okay, i will start my real business now. All activities were being carried out smoothly with the help of these angels:

    Brother Song (the early birdie) – forever errand runner for aunt jenny cum the banker for cards game

    Ah quan (the ah ‘tao’) – started the gambling with ah mas then played sticky balls with the elderlys and subsequently shook legs in the aircon room doing ‘important’ paper work for the angels??!! 😛

    Ping Sing (the all time favourite singer cum ‘professional’ dietician) – played games like basketball, passing bean bags, with the elderlys and sang some overdued Chinese New Year songs with expired mouldy angels Yong and of course uncle Loi Loi Loi :)

    Ah Xian & Ah Kuen (the goody & the bady) – sweat themselves like mad, being movable basketball net for the old folks to aim… Good job 😛 Keep it up!

    Ah Rusty (the head pain neck pain ‘folk’) – did some hand excercise with the elderlys together with ah Kuen then quietly went to entertain uncle Yi Long at a corner playing the wooden blocks!

    Ah Des (the logistic in charge) – set up the necessary, played mah-jong with the ah mas (at the same time smsing ‘girlfriend’) and then had a ‘dumb’ war with uncle John.

    Ah SK (the slacker) – ‘actively’ playing sticky sticky balls with the elderlys and then happily stick himself inside the aircon room doing his school work??!!

    Mr Ng – talked to the ah kongs, played chess with Uncle Kok Kie and did a part-time ‘dispute mid-man’

    Uncle Loi (the all time MVE=Most Valuable Entertainer) – like the title said, entertained the old folks with his unbelievable ‘unwanted’ “tai feng”

    Ah Yong (the ‘gong kia’) – sang songs and only sang songs… to entertained himself. thanks a lot 😛

    Sharon (the pao ka liao) – befriended the bedridden elderlys, massaged , rubbed oil for them, do this and that… and most importantly gossipped with them… :p

    Ah Wai (the the the…) – talked to folks upstairs, ran errand, played mahjong with the ah mas.

    Hmm, that’s more or less not so accurate info reported 😛 thanks for your kind attention!

    From VL- Important Announcements

    1. Next Sat: Distributing of snacks (pancakes) without any movie screening. So do come and help to distribute pancakes with gloves and play with the elderlys without gloves early! After which angels proceed for dinner and karaoke!

    2. Next next Sat (24/03): Volunteers’ Sports Day after Home activity. So pls come in appropriate attire and equipment! No shiny sandals hor? 😛

    3. Next next next Sat (31/03): Movie screening, room cleaning by AVLs, organising of photos by Po Yan, Damien, Tomoko and Jinxiong! Hello! Hello! where have you all been? Pls report ASAP??? Last but not least, an hour of ‘not so First Aid’ training by the not so “trustable” nurse Gary.


    * The organisers for VIVO outing and CNY celebration, pls SURRENDER your event REPORT by next Fri 16/03/07 – 2359!!! YOU GOT IT?!! Yes YOU- Jinxiong and Rusty!!


    -Lay Guat from Kreta Ayer and other folks came to visit our elderlys last sat! Welcome! :)

    -A few angels went to visit Aunt Lim (the ah ma with a lot of plasters on her face) in CGH as she fell and had a stroke.

    Oh, the volunteers welfare sub-com proposed to go for a short getaway over a weekend (29 April to 1 May) to Penang. If you are really interested to ‘get up close and personal’ with the angels, pls go apply for hols now!! If have other better places in mind or a better date, pls suggest to Brother Song or Doris 😛


    Life is Short? Unpredictable? Valuable???? Do things Now? Tomorrow? or Later????? Treasure yourSelf? your Time? your People? or your Money????

    well oh well, weather is getting hot hot hot lately, so pls drink more water, eat more grass!! Take Care and see ya next sat! 😛



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  • Moral Angels’ News Flash 030307


    Last saturday was a relax day after such a great Lunar New Year celebration the previous saturday. Only a handfull of angels was down at the home.

    The elderly got a special treat from aunty molly who came down to cook “mei chai”  with those ducks’ and chickens’ bones left over from previous saturday.

    Song was doing errand for elderly as usual. Desmond was there playing chinese chess with uncle kok kee and later Sk took over. If i am not wrong uncle kok kee was too good for them.:)

    We had our balls & bean bags throwing & fishing with angels like alex, sam & Christima. Five Ah Mas were happily playing poker with aunty molly who took over from uncle yeo as banker.

    Ping Sing was there to sing for elderly together with Gary and Uncle Yeo. It seems to be lesser elderly around them last saturday. Maybe they were exhausted from all those Lunar New Year’ s parties and dinners.

    Nothing interesting to report for last week, so let me end here. Hope this saturday more angels will be present to create the mood for more elderly to come down.:)

    Good day!


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