Hi Hi Angels,
Last Saturday, the elderly at Moral Home had another round of sumptuous meal. This time round Auntie Molly cooked a big pot of soup noodles for the ah gong and ah ma, not forgetting the volunteers as well. The noodle was exceptionally delicious… Too bad for those who did not come to the home last Saturday… haha… :)

Sharon and Mei Kuen conducted the games activity for the elderly. They had fishing, throwing of bean bags and some soft ball games… Uncle Song and Rico as usual went to run errands for the elderly. Desmond conducted the chess games with the elderly. Poh Yan conducted the card games which was subsequently taken over by Auntie Molly… and therefore it was a game of the Aunties… haha..

Uncle Song and Desmond subsequently went over to collect the Chinese goodies, packet drinks and boxes of mandarin oranges from Michael Sum’s house. Michael Sum is a friend of Damien… Ya.. wonder how is he? Have not seen him for quite sometimes..?? Hmm.. However, we were deeply appreciated by Mr. Michael Sum generous donation to Moral Home.

Uncle Loi, Ah Yong, Ping Sing and Gary arrived and conducted the karaoke session… The singers were there but however the audience was getting lesser and lesser.. Christina and Wendy also came to the home to settle the receipts and accounts for last Saturday outing. Thanks to the generous donation from Ah Orh Seafood Restaurant, we manage to spend within the budget… heeehee..

Some annoucements

    1. There will be no activity this coming Saturday, 17th Feb 2007 as it is Chinese New Year Eve… Ah gong and Ah ma will also be going back to their own house to have reunion dinner…

    2. Chinese New Year Celebration will be held on the 24th February 2007. All volunteers are required to dress in red and try to be at the home at about 1.30pm to assist in the decoration. The organizers (Sharon, Mei Kuen and Rusty – Powerpuff girls) hahaa… will send a separate email to brief you more about it… :)

    I will not be able to join you guys as I will be having lesson… So Sianzz… Anyone want to join me??

    3. Jin Xiong from the multimedia committee has shifted our blog from http://moralangels.wordpress.com to http://www.moralangels.com.. This website is currently still doing a little bit of touch up… Photographs are available for download and most importantly, we have 50GB of free space to use… whaa… in the future edited video will also be able to access from this website… So angels beware… you might not know when your video clips will be posted.. so behave yourselves.. haha. …no la… just joking.. Feel free to post your comments about the website so that Jin Xiong will improve on it.. Correct? :)

That’s all folks… So on this coming piggy year.. On behalf of the Moral Angels’ Committee members, I wish everyone of you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!!!