Games and Activities
IC: Gary, Josephine, Xiao Xuan, Alex, Uncle Loi, Charlie Yong, Alexandra, Julene, Suzanne and Edmund

Music and Songs

  1. Make a list of the CDs that are available.

  2. Sort the CDs according to language.

  3. Compile the song sheets into those with chords and without chords.

  4. Add more songs to the outing booklets.

  5. Get more people to sing during the singing session.

  6. To minimise the time in between songs during the singing session, the next singer should choose the song he/she would like to sing before the preceding song ends.

  7. More interaction with the elderly during the singing session and try to get the elderly to have some hand movements.

  8. Besides singing, for a change we can have guitar or flute peformance.
  9. Beware of the volume of the kareoke set – the volume should not be too loud and the elderly should not be placed too near the speakers.