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Moral Angels’ Weekly Flash 301206

Hi hi Angels,

A very happy new year to all of you!!! Well, time flies and we have embarked a brand new year, 2007. Looking back at the things that we have done, the sweats, the tears, the laughter, the enjoyment, the frustration, the happiness, the friends that we have met, have stayed vividly in my memory. On behalf of the committee members, I will like to express my heartfelt appreciation to everyone of you who have contributed to the home in any other ways. Thank you so much.

Last Saturday, activity was as usual. We have card games, fishing games, board games, and mahjong and karaoke session with the elderly. As Sharon and I have some important and private conversation with Uncle Meng Huat. I was not able to list out every individual of you that have conducted the activities. However, Sharon and I felt your presence and we appreciate it. We have Uncle Song, Uncle Meng Huat, Gary, Jin Xiong, Ken Goh, Josephine, Rico, Sharon, Rusty, Fiona, Alex, Alexandra, Suzanne, Julene, Wendy, Uncle Loi, Auntie Mona, Brandon, Ping Sing, Ah Xian aka Jess, Edmund, SK, Christina, Jasmine, Desmond and Ah Yong.

And of course I have not forgetting those volunteers that have come back to join us for the potluck. Welcome back Auntie Tomoko and Kazuki. So happy to see both of you!!!… So sorry that I didn’t get chance to speak to you and kazuki. When are you going off again and when are you coming back again??

And Xiao Xuan, the so called belle of Moral Angels… haha… just joking.. she’s back from Taiwan!!!. Welcome back!!! Also didn’t get the chance to speak to you… have some arrows for you… haha…

And our Tweety, have not seen her since National Day… She went to many home for attachments as she is currently an occupational therapist under training.. So happy to see you turned up for the pot luck… Have thought of asking you to create a blog for moral angels, together with Jin Xiong, but I think better not as I believe you will be preparing for your exams soon… So better concentrate for your exams.

Lastly, I will like to thank Christina for organizing the pot luck for us. Not an easy task as I personally organized before last year. And I like to thank Ah Xian for coordinating the gifts exchange. Not an easy task also as I personally organized before last year… (Cause just takes over from SK last year and so everything also ‘Bao Ka Liao’, still have not master the skills of dedicating… haha) But poor Ah Xian, she ended sacrifice herself without a gift as there are some errors… perhaps… There are about 28 people but only 27 gifts… hmm.. Anyway, I am still grateful to both of them for organizing the pot luck.

And of course not forgetting to the volunteers who have contributed to the food. The food is sumptuous and marvelicious.

Uncle Song – Forever the great contributor… Your roast duck, roast chicken, roast meat and curry fish head is very good. Can introduce the supplier to us?? Thank you.

Auntie Mona and Uncle Loi – I will not forget the fragrant and aroma of your pineapple rice. It is so good.. Should consider cook for us again during our retreat… haha.. no la.. just joking… at your convenience… Thank you.

Gary – Your plastic utensils did come in handy…  And thank you for your sparkling juices for our opening ceremony.. Very thoughtful.. Thank you…

Stuart and Doris – Even though you guys are not around but your otah has filled our days. Stuart, I still miss your cocktail… perhaps we can have it during our retreat… okay?? Thank you.

Rico – Can see your sincerity and thoughtfulness in making the sandwiches… haha.. quite a few choices to choose from and very well cut.. A healthy choice. Thank you.

Jin Xiong – Your wine has filled the days for the wine lovers. In a happy occasion or festive season, it is a waste without the accompanied for the wine. Thank you.

Rusty and Sharon – You guys never fail to take care our health. The fruits is sweet and juicy.. Thank you…

Josephine – Thank you for your fish ball and sotong ball… Good to go with Bee Hoon and Pineapple Rice.. Thanks.

Suzanne and Julene – Your chocolate muffins really pampered us… It is soft and melts in your mouth when put it in… Did you make the muffins yourselves?? If it is, I am amazed. Thank you.

Edmund – I am amazed by your salad. It is very delicious and I thought it is made by Auntie Mona cause I have tasted her salad. Later did I realize it is made by you… Thank you so much.. My brothers can’t even cook an egg for themselves.. haha…

Ah Yong – Heard that you bought the percismmon.. is it?? But it is missing.. However I am still grateful to you… I will find the percismmon (Is it correct? Haha..)  for you… haha

Christina – Your fried bee hoon is another superb dish… Perhaps can cook for us during our retreat… haha.. no la…. Better don’t stress you… haha.. Thank you…

Fiona and Alex – Thank you for your Jelly… Furthermore, you include logan wow gold deutscher anbieter inside… Wow.. that is marvelous.. Really pampered us… Thank you..

Ping Sing and Ah Xian – Christmas festive season cannot do without ham… Your smoked ham comes at a good time.. It is tasty… Thank you…

SK – Our thoughtful ex-VL never forgets the young ones and those that are not wine-drinkers. Your packet drinks comes in handy… Thank you…

Tomoko & Kazuki – Your snack from Japan… I can’t bear to eat them cause it is so well decorated… But in the end, I took a bit cause someone had already done so… Thank you… It is crunchy…

Wendy – Did you make yourself or you order the spring roll… It is very tasty and big… And can see the maker or whoever is generous with the fillings.. Thank you…

Desmond – Oh my god… he really surprised me… His Sakae Sushi really really pampered us. Thank you so much… It is very thoughtful of you to have so many choices to choose from.

Alexandra and Josephine – Another group that never fail to take care of our health… It seems like the therapists are conscious about our health… haha… But anyway, thank you… it must have taken a lot of time to cut the honey dew into small pieces… Its delicious and I have 2 bowls of it… Thanks…

And to the rest who I did not mention.. I am grateful to you have contributed to the success of the potluck.. Cheers..


Ø       St Andrew Junior College will be bringing down students for their CIP this Saturday, 6th Jan 2007 at around 3pm. I need 2 to 3 people to help me with the Orientation… SK, Ping Sing, Damien, Doris, or Uncle Song will you all be available on that day?? Perhaps we can meet slightly earlier at about 2pm on that day…

Ø       Our annual retreat will be held at Stuart’s & Doris’s house.

                        Venue: Eunos Crescent Blk 36, Level 14 Room ??? (Very near to Eunos MRT Station; refer to attach map)

                        Time: 12.30pm to 7pm (No home activity on that day)

                        Advisable to have your lunch before coming. Please bring your writing materials along.

Ø       Chinese New Year Shopping Outing on 3rd Feb 2007.

Jin Xiong will be conducting a small meeting this coming Saturday on the program as well as the roles of the committee members. The program and the list of committee members have already set up. Recce has already done. Please lend your support to Jin Xiong as I might not be around for the next 2 weeks (13th and 20th Jan) depends on my reservist schedule.

Ø       To all students who started their school on 3rd Jan 2007, all the best for your studies and good luck…



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  • Xmas 2006

    Hi Angels,

    Merry Merry X’mas!!!. Wow, we have a spectacular and enjoyable Christmas Celebration last Saturday. I feel so young and lively that day, thanks to the students from Temasek Polytechnic, School of Information Technology Studies Club. I believe this is the first time that Moral Angels co-organize the Christmas Celebration with the students from Temasek Polytechnic. The students and the volunteers arrived at Moral Home at about 1pm. Wendy and I began conducting a short orientation of the home as well as wheel chair handling for the students.

    We began the program with a simple introduction and highlights of the Christmas event by Ping Sing and a handsome student from Temasek Polytechnic. We had a short Christmas Caroling, followed by the cutting of the log cake ceremony. The Santa Clause, Santarina and the elf arrived shortly after, distributing the door gifts to the elderly. The volunteers and the students sang Christmas songs as the Santa Clause and Santarina and the elf giving away the door gifts to the elderly.

    The conducting of the 1st game immediately commenced after distributing the door gifts to the elderly. As the volunteers were conducting the 1st game, we had the Santa Clause, Santarina, the elf and two groups of guitarists and singers went to the 2nd and 3rd level to do Christmas Caroling as well as the giving out of door gifts to the elderly who were bed ridden and not able to join us for the celebration.

    After the 1st game, we had performance by Fuji and Josephine. They sang 3 songs “FIR – Fly Away”, “Mavis Fan – Xue Ren” and “Guo Mei Mei – Merry Merry Christmas”. Their performance was fantastic. The cheering and waving and clapping of hands had raise up the climax of the celebration. Everyone was so high…

    Due to the popular demand of the 1st game, we decided to have another round of the game. The 2nd game commenced immediately after the first game. It was the passing of presents. The only difference was that the present was wrapped with many layers. The old folks will pass the present around and when the music stopped, the old folks who were holding the present unwrapped a layer of the present. This will continue until the present was revealed. The old folk who unwrapped the last layer would get the present.

    A hilarious and humorous skit was presented by the Temasek Polytechnic Students after the 2nd game. It narrated the change of a god of fortune, who gave out money to a Santa Clause who gave out the presents. The students ended off with Temasek polytechnic mass dance and the chicken dance. It brings back very good memory when I first stepped in as a student of Temasek Polytechnic. My seniors taught out both dances during our orientation days. Those were the days….

    We had group Christmas caroling for our finale. We sang ‘We wish you a merry Christmas’ and ‘Santa Clause is coming to town’. The atmosphere of the event yet again brings to another climax. The TP students ended with a song that went along with the hand signal.

    After the celebration, the elderly, the volunteers and the students then helped themselves with the sumptuous buffet dinner.

    Appreciation Honors

    On behalf of Moral Angels and the organizing committee of this event, I will like to express my heartfelt appreciation to the following people:

    Ø Home administrator and the staff nurses – For helping us and lending your support in one way or another.

    Ø The sponsors of the event – Even though I don’t know who you are, I will still like to say thank you for supporting the celebration.

    Ø Students of TP, Information Technology Studies Club – You guys have done a tremendous and marvelous job. The Moral Angels are very proud of you and I believe your lecturers will feel the same if they had seen what you guys have done during the celebration. I believe Ivan and Andy have done a very good in coordinating the celebration. Your enthusiasm and care have touched the heart of many others. I have seen the smile the elderly put up in our video camera and I believe you guys have made a difference in their (elderly) lives and make them feel their Christmas is a joyous ones. I will like to thank each and every one of you but however, I didn’t get the chance to do so. I will talk to Mr. Tok Nam Huat to see how we can reward you guys in some way to show our appreciation. We are indeed happy and honor to have you guys back here again to shower your care and love to the elderly of Moral Home. Good job guys and continuing passing on your TP spirit to your classmates… Keep in Touch!!

    Ø Nam Huat – For arranging the students from Temasek Polytechnic, School of IT studies club to co-organize the celebration with us. The students have been great and wonderful.

    Ø Damien – For coordinating the celebration despite your busy schedule. You have done well and don’t reproach your self for not doing enough. The angels will understand and support you all the way… J

    Ø Sharon, Christina, Doris, Mei Kuen, Rusty, Gary, Uncle Sam, SK, Alexandra, Ah Xian, Auntie Mona and to those who have helped in the decoration in one way or another. Thank you so much… You guys have turned the dining area into a heartwarming ground, making the place suitable for Christmas Celebration. The decoration of the railing using the cotton wool makes me feel like an angel in the heaven, the spiraling of the green and red tape is so special and unique and the drawing of snowman, Santa clause is simply beautiful… Thank you.

    Ø Alexandra, Edmund and Suzanne – Thank you for sourcing and wrapping hundred of the door gifts. I believe the elderly like the doll gifts as I can see wrappers on the floors after the celebrations… haha… well nevertheless… well done.

    Ø Rico and Wendy – For preparing the log cake and the buffet dinner. The food is marvelicious and we even have enquiries from TP students on where we catered the food. Thank you.

    Ø Our performers – Josephine and Fuji. Your performance is spectacular. You guys have livened up the atmosphere. We are touched by your singing especially the last 2 songs. Thank you… Do perform more next time… haha.. Chop Chop Sisters!!!

    Ø Jin Xiong, Mei Kuen and Jasmine – Our Santa Clause, Santarina and the elf. Thank you very much. I know it is hot and stuffy with the costume on but however, you guys went around giving out presents without any grumbled, putting on your great smile and greetings to the elderly.

    Ø Ping Sing – Our Master of Ceremony. Well, sign on and continue as MC for the upcoming Chinese New Year… haha.. Thank you and you have done a superb job. You have to face last minute adjustments of the programs, bringing up the atmosphere of the crowd, preparing yourself on what to say for the upcoming program… it is not easy and you have done it beautifully.

    Ø Uncle Song and Desmond – Uncle Song, your selfless contribution to the home deserve our salute. Thank you for being so supportive. Desmond, thank you, it is not easy to mend the karaoke system, dealing with changing of songs from different CDs. I did it once and I almost give up… thanks.

    Ø Uncle Loi – Thank you for coordinating the Moral Angels for the Christmas Caroling Finale. You are always there to liven up the atmosphere. It is so nice with you around.

    Ø Alex, Alexandra, Suzanne, Her sis (Jolene??), Edmund, Rico, Rusty, Ken Goh and the rest who went up to do the Christmas Caroling for the elderly who are bedridden or did not join us for the celebration.

    Ø Poh Yan – our photographer. Sometimes I feel sorry for you because you are always not in the pictures. Therefore I have no choice but to do a lot of video filming on you. Thank you.

    Ø The rest of the volunteers who were present for the celebration giving support in one way or another. Stuart, Fiona, Ah Yong, Uncle James, Auntie Jane, Uncle Meng Huat, Mr. Ng and Mrs. Ng. I sincerely apologize if I miss out anybody. Do let me know if I miss you out in the email. However, I appreciate each and everyone presence for the celebration.

    Announcements: Pot luck coming Saturday. Remember to let Christina knows what you guys are bringing and remember to bring your presents and let Ah Xian to consolidate.

    Next week activity will be an easy one cause I need some helpers to tidy up the volunteer room, re-organize the photographs and if you have any photographs and videos for this year 2006 Moral Angels events, please bring it this Saturday and pass it to Stuart as he will be doing a mystery gifts for every one of us… Thank You!

    Ya… Bring your favourite CDs, DVDs, VCDs or whatever disc, cause we will have small karaoke session during our potluck session.

    See you guys this Saturday


    Hui Quan

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