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Volunteer in the News ! Well Done Sam !

Volunteer in the News ! Well Done Sam !





The Chinese New Year Celebration is the second event of 2017. It was held in Moral Home for Aged Sick on 4th Feb 2017 from 1.30pm to 6pm. The objective is to let the elderly experience the joy of the festive mood during Chinese New Year. This event is one of the most popular events in our calendar as it is filled with performances, lion dance, games, lo hei and delicious food.


Angels Strength

We have about 35 volunteers helping out. There are close to 100 elderlies who took part in the celebrations.


Committee Members

Organisers – Patrick & Jojo

Food and Beverage – (Rico, Christina & Susan)

Games – Stuart and Sam

Entertainment – Yiqi & Hui Quan

Emcees – Jinxiong & Susan

Photography – Official Cameramen (Poh Yan & Damien)


Event Summary

By 1pm, the volunteers’ room was already bursting with joy and laughter. Doris, Joyce, Christina were the first to reach and set about preparing for the event. Soon after, the organisers arrived with cartons of mandarin oranges and packet drinks.


Thanks to many helping hands, the packing of oranges to gift bags were done in a jiffy.

16508547_10211123103461088_8833553856709451157_nRico (our Assistant Volunteer Leader) requested for helpers in the kitchen to prepare snacks for the elderly. We wish to say a big thank you to the many helpers who work tirelessly behind the scenes in preparing the snacks.


At 2.30pm, the elderlies were wheeled down into the dining area after they had a bit of siesta. Volunteers served the elderlies with the yummy Chinese New Year Goodies and they flushed them down with chinese tea.



At close to 3pm, we started the event with singing of the Chinese New Year songs. The God Of Fortune strutted into the hall to the tune of 财神到.

cai shen

All the little moral angels were vying to hold his hands.16508727_10211123101901049_3485090474574954621_n


Thanks to the help of Uncle Yeo, Uncle James, Aunty Jane, Joyce and nurses for making sure every elderly received an ang bao and a bag of mandarin oranges.






We were pleased to have a group of youths from Nan Chiau Secondary School to perform a number of dances for the elderlies. They obliged the elderlies by singing songs as well. It’s so good to be young!








While the youths were performing in the dining hall, the God Of Fortune and his entourage ventured to the upper floors to hand out AngBaos to the bed-ridden elderlies. The elderlies’ hearts were warmed when they heard Chinese New Year songs. Some of the elderlies could not see nor speak, but they still responded by moving their limbs to the beat of the songs.  16425719_10211123186543165_4537131894246929741_n

After the youths’ performance, Lion Dance arrived and boy did they steal the show! The rousing drumbeats and the clashing cymbals set our hearts fluttering while the Lion Dance razzle-dazzle and captured the attention of young and old alike in the dining hall. 

16473379_10211123196543415_1631039959673435900_n 16508439_10211123215103879_3056093278809683631_n 16508648_10211123197423437_4998145811783744894_n

After the lion dance, it was time for the elderlies to play some sure-win games.

Soon after, it was dinner-time!

This year, it was made special and possible for elderlies to do their Lo Hei at the dining table themselves! Thanks to the hardworking ladies for preparing the ingredients and putting them into separate plates way in advance!



16427291_10211123210663768_6274933617384252957_n 16507823_10211123235824397_5087458779635787_n

After Lohei, a special dinner was served to the elderlies as part of the CNY celebrations! The elderlies were treated to Hor Fun and Kong Bak Bao!

The event ended with a short debrief

We wish to welcome 2 walk-in volunteers (Michael & Jasmine) who saw our CNY posters. We also want to welcome Cindy who is Susan’s cousin. We had a mini birthday celebrations for the February babies- Rico, Sam, Poh Yan.

Special thanks to everyone for making this event possible.

Thanks to Patrick for sponsoring the mandarin oranges and the packet drinks and to be a sweat-overflowing 财神爷 !

Thanks to Huiquan’s Aunt and Stuart for the Ang Baos to the elderlies.

Thanks to Mona for the God of Fortune Costume.

Thanks to Christina for preparing the red bags.

Thanks to Uncle Song for the gift vouchers for the student-performers.

Thanks to Christina, HuiKiat and Stuart for going out to bring the dinner back for the elderlies.

Thanks to Rico for making the Lo Hei at every table possible!


Thanks to everyone (if your names are not mentioned here, it does not mean you are not important, it just means the list is just too long and I only have this amount of space to write!) But you are definitely appreciated for being there physically, mentally and spiritually!

Wishing everybody a Happy Chinese New Year. Good Health and Wealth!

Written by Jojo and edited by Stuart.




The Chinese New Year Bazaar is the first event of 2017. It was held in Moral Home for Aged Sick on 14th Jan 2017 from 2pm to 6pm. The objective is to let the elderly experience the joy of shopping during Chinese New Year. In the past years, we always brought 20 elderlies out on CNY shopping so this year we decided that we wanted to bring the CNY bazaar to Moral Home instead.

Angels Strength
We are fortunate to have 37 volunteers helping out today. The number of elderlies who took part in the shopping is around 30.

Committee Members
Organisers – Stuart & Jinxiong
Stall Holders – Clothing (Sam, Rico, Stella & Susan)
Sundry (Doris & Joyce)
Food (Yiqi, Huiquan and Shuhua)
Integrated Resort (Ray Ray & Friends)
Photography – Official Camerman (Poh Yan)
Unofficial (Everyone)

Event Summary
I need to specially mention that Huiquan, Yiqi and Huikiat were the first to arrive at 11am to prepare and set up their stall. Good job guys!!!


At 1pm, most of the stall holders arrived and set up their
respective stalls.


No matter how busy they are, volunteers always have time to
take photos.

At around 2pm, Jinxiong gave a briefing to all the volunteers.
We were given a refresher on how to push the wheelchair by Sam.


At 2.30pm, the elderlies were wheeled down into the canteen. Volunteers served the elderlies with some light refreshment such as siew mai and lotus paste bun.

At close to 3pm, we started the event with a bang! Volunteers were handed $20 voucher and a plastic carrier. They then paired themselves to the elderlies and set off exploring the stalls with enthusiasm.


Sam and his elderly checking out shirts.


The elderly checking men’s fashion.


Business was brisk at all stalls!


Business here was so good they had to turn away customers.

The bazaar continued until 3plus and we sang some CNY songs to give the bazaar some festive mood. At 4pm, we set off to the nearby Bedok Hawker Centre with 16 elderlies.

20170114_161421 20170114_161657Fearing that the rain may fall, we bundled along brollies.

At the hawker centre, we went about buying the food and drinks for the elderlies while others interacted with the elderlies.

20170114_162317 20170114_162430 20170114_162642

When the elderlies have filled their tummies, it was time to bring them back to Moral Home.



20170114_171816We ended the event with a short debrief.


Special thanks to everyone for making this event cum mini outing possible.
Thanks to Huiquan and Yiqi for bringing your dog and bringing the foodstuff.
Thanks to Sam and rico for the wonderful garments.
Thanks to Jinxiong & Shuhua for buying the miscellaneous items.
Thanks to Ray and Yiqi for bringing volunteers.
Thanks to Giselle for helping to do up the posters.

Moral Angels Rocks!
Wishing everybody a Happy Chinese New Year

 (P.S: Our CNY celebration is on 4th Feb, do join us!!!)

Date/Time: 4 Aug 2012 (Saturday), 1330H
Venue: Moral Home, Level 1 (Dining Hall+Activity Corner)
Organisers: Josephine Ho, Willit Lim + Activity-Based Team (Jun-Aug)

No, we are not going to have a parade with elderly and volunteers contingents marching in, but what we gonna have are your loud voices, your energy, your hands, your legs, your creativity and your COLOURS at the FUNFAIR!!! There will be a total of 8 games booths and many attractive prizes to be won for the elderly. (well…they not gonna win anything UNLESS you come down to help them to win it… with whatever methods that you have…)

The theme for this event is ‘COLOURFUL!’, which simply means that YOU will have to dress urself up as colourful as possible!!! (Min. req’ment is to have at least 5 DIFFERENT COLOURS on your tops and bottoms, excluding those inner pieces…) Of course, we will decorate the place with colourful balloons and balloon sculptures as well.

We are extending this invitation to all other family members, relatives, children, friends, colleagues, ESN members, staff nurses and many more… Do help to spread these words to them like how you would usually spread your love to the elderly!


With Loves,
Ah Kiat

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Dumpling Festival Celebration 2012

ROW, ROW, ROW YOUR BOAT, Gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, Life is but a dream.  So, Willit, where is the boat leh??? OMG!!! The boat is so HUGE. Dimension approx: 16cm by 6cm lor.  I don’t mean to be mean, but I was always under the impression that the boat would be relatively larger in size, but nevertheless, Angels you should witness the intricate artwork from her, its simply breathtaking.  

OK, you are officially appointed as our CREATIVE DIRECTOR, and have the honour to do / supervise all future decorations in the Home.  Hahahaha… We really appreciate the meticulous effort put in by Willit, Chin Ling and all Angels (Ah Chuan, Stuart, Kiat, Doris and Jo, El (a new volunteer from Philippines) who assisted in putting up the decoration at the Home. 

This is my second year organising the Dumpling Festival, never an easy feat so far.  But the Angels just amaze me with their skills and qualities at every event be it in house or outdoor.

Arriving at 2pm, Adel and myself with the kids in tow (Kacy and Chelsea) many Angels were already in the room getting their hands busy with decorations, packing of gifts and games preparation.  Shortly, many others arrived, Susan, Aunty Molly, Uncle Meng Huat, Freya, Desment, Ping Xing, Ai Ai, Gary, Stella, Xin Xin, Desmond, Ee Sha, Gabriel.  Guess what, I was really impressed with Uncle Song’s shirt that day.  I guess it must be one of the nicest ever that I have seen him in.  Some angels even say he look like a DATO that day!!!  No way the best dressed award is gonna be anyone else right???? Hmmm, Uncle Song, you have a date that day??

Thereafter, I walked towards the kitchen area only to see Uncle Meng Huat, Aunty Molly, Susan and Ping Sing’s maid getting all ready to serve the dumplings to elderly without further delay.  Of course, with Angels’ help, this was completed in no time.  The dumplings sponsored by Stella’s Aunty.  Thank you Stella.

When I was standing at the Chinese tea dispenser, the kids popped me a question.  Jennifer Ah Yi, can we help to serve Chinese tea?  They are no longer kids, though I have always thought they were.  Freya, Kacy and Chelsea were so excited to be able to help serve tea and a little something unknown to me until I found out that day was, Kacy already knew how to wheel a wheelchair with elderly (safely).  I am proud of you little girls. 

Whilst the elderly were enjoying the dumplings, Poh Yan was up to his tricks again.  Passing the dragon boats around, getting the elderly to pose with the dragon boats and have their pictures taken.  Taken by surprise, the elderly welcomed this.  They loved getting their snap shots.  Some of them were brimming with smiles from ear to ear and there was this Ah Mah telling me, your pose is lousy, mine BETTER!!  Then I told her of course la, you more experienced than me, you win, wonder if she knows what this means!!!  Hahahah…. She was totally convinced that she was better than me.  Good JOB Ah Mah….  (she must be a sexy babe before).  Thank you Poh Yan for the candid snap shots.

Without further delay, our performance has to start on time, 3:30pm sharp.  Gary and Susan went to stage to sing us the “Dumpling Song”, trust me its totally out of this world.  Hmmm maybe, we can go through the songs first in future…… But really, you guys are really awesome, your efforts, talent, your vocal.  Trust me, I think the little problem lies with the song….  But who cares, the elderly had great fun, so do the volunteers.  Great job, Gary and Susan. 


The highlight of the day’s event was the Game put up by Ah Kiat and Jo Jo and the fabulous gifts to be given away.  Ah Kiat first took the centre stage and mentioned that he had just 失声 / 失身 the day before, I don’t know what that’s suppose to mean??? Subsequently, he gave an introduction on origin of the Dumpling Festival.  Again, we Angels messed it up and provided 101 versions of the origin, he had to give up and proceeded to play the Game. Responses from the elderly were overwhelming, queues formed up very quickly and they totally enjoyed it as if they were still kids.  Some elderly had very high expectation of themselves, making sure they ham tam all of the fishes down.  Adel, the elderly loved the little gift packs you prepared, thanks bestie.  Thanks Jo and Kiat for this Game that the elderly thoroughly enjoyed.

Towards the closing of the game, Uncle Song walk past me and said “Jenn, the event is really low key hor”, I guess he meant the number of volunteers present wasn’t that many. Personally, I think the event was a great success, with the help and assistance from all present and for those who are unable to attend this event, we always have the next.  The nub is, the elderly had a very enjoyable afternoon with the volunteers at the home.  Thanks all for making this possible.  All I wanna say is, “YO ANGELS, YOU GUYS SI BE HO AH”. 


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