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Ge Tai 2018

Once again, Getai 2018 has made it to become the event of the year! Why do we say so? The event was a successful one! Everyone thinkable, contributed to this event either by singing or dancing.

This year, Moral Angels did a change. There is no celebration of the Nation’s birthday with ah gongs and ah mas this time, no, not because we are non-patriotic but because we have decided to do an event which would be a lot more times hyped up and that is a Ge Tai!


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The date of the event was 25 August 2018. Most of the angels reported at 12.30pm to get everything ready. The most important system that day was the audio system and the TV! There were hiccups along the way and we thought we were about to compromise on the standards of the event until our Ying Xiong- Jin Xiong came to our rescue! He handled the many many wirings to help us connect things right and finally the system was up and ready!

We had our emcees starting off the event by saying greetings to the ah gongs and ah mas and we had Patrick who was the OIC of the event to explain the significance of serving a huat kueh and bao as snacks. It simply means bao huat!

After eating, we had our powerhouse singer, Jojo, to start off the Ge Tai with 潇洒走一回!Thereafter the White-Red PK began! First category was English singing! We have our all-time favourite- Uncle Song singing against Sam! We can see the effort and time spent over a few weeks practising the songs! These two dedicated men had been a good role model that practice makes perfect!

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Next category was Cantonese singing! We have Rico singing against Susan! Oh my god!! Again, if you think your eyes are deceiving you, let us assure you that it is working alright! We have Rico together with her pop-up band Stuart and Lucas put up her very first performance at moral home! It was mesmerising! And of course, Susan did not disappoint anyone with her singing as well.

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Then the Hokkien category came…with our VL-Stuart and Ai Hua (Sam’s sister) vying for a vote. They both did a great job in engaging everyone below stage!

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Well, of course the best was yet to be, we have the Chinese category! It was a PK between Patrick and Jinxiong!

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We even have Desment who wished to put up a song for our ah gongs and ah mas too and our Ping Sing got so mesmerised! These 3 men had certainly brought the roof down with their emotive singing!

If you think we have come to an end to this report, you are not quite there yet… we have our mass dance led by Christina! Her leadership in leading the dance really made dancing seaweed so much easier and our moral ah gongs and ah mas were so happy!


No no…that’s not all, this is the event of the year you are talking about, we had one more part to the event! And that was the lucky draw! We managed to put together 7 chances of prizes for ah gongs and ah mas to win! Uncle James certainly made this part of the event a vibrant one! You should see the joy in their eyes when their numbers were being called! They were thrilled when they received the prize! How nice it was to end the event with a high like that!

Weren’t we glad to have the long-time-no-see Xing Jian to join us and helped us with the photography and the cousins of Stuart with the videography! Did you see the backdrop? It was done by lovely Doris! Elderly had a sweet snacking time because Jennifer arranged for sweet potato soup to be done!

Ge Tai 2018 is truly the event of the year with many unthinkable happening and all the volunteers who came! If your names are not mentioned here, pardon me, you are still important! 😊


Written by Jojo

Moral Angels with the kind support from the shooting academy of the Singapore Sports School went out on our first outing of 2017. It was a record breaking event for us as we brought a total of 28 beneficiaries to Zhong Shan Mall for some midyear shopping.


We gathered at 1215pm on Saturday 01/07/2017, as students were introduced to their various group leaders. Rico and Christina were the HR manager as 38 student volunteers were painstakingly sorted and paired with a beneficiary.


These students were then put through a rigorous session of wheelchair handling workshops conducted by their various group leaders to make sure that they are well prepared for the arduous journey ahead. A big thank you to all our volunteers who stepped up as group leaders, taking care of both our elderlies as well as our young volunteers.


We went to the NTUC at Zhong Shan Mall and the beneficiaries were given the VIP treatment. they each had a “personal butler” to bring them around, helping them with their purchases. NTUC was also kind enough to open a dedicated lane for us to make payment.

We spent as if NTUC also took part in our nationwide GSS campaign, spending close to $500 in total in our shopping spree.


Tea break was held at Zhong Shan Park, a beautiful open area right outside Zhong Shan Mall. Just one hour into the outing, and our young volunteers had absolutely no issues handling the wheelchair, expertly manoeuvring and marshalling our beneficiaries in this tight space. Sports School also sponsored the tea break for our beneficiaries, buying buns and drinks for all involved, old folks, students and volunteers alike.


Our final stop was at Sun Yat Sen Nanyang memorial hall. The aircon inside provided a brief respite from the sweltering heat. Special thanks to Susan mama, who despite the various protests, insisted that we had to take a photo here. If not for her persistence, we would not be able to capture this beautiful moment.

Thank you, all young and old volunteers, for a meaningful Saturday spent together.


I would also like to make use of this avenue to address our young volunteers, as we never had a chance to talk to them and to thank them properly after the event.

What to have for meals, what time to shower, what to splurge your pocket money on, what to do and where to go in your free time; this are simple decisions that we are all free to make. An independent choice is however oftentimes a luxury to our beneficiaries instead.

So, I want to thank you, not just because you made their day by bringing them out, not because you kindly spent your prize money on them, but because you empowered them, to a little extent, to your best abilities, enabled them to make a conscious choice. You allowed them to choose something they want, to buy something that they like.

On the grander scale of things, Freedom of choice is a precious gift and something I hope you will cherish and be grateful for.

Lastly, I would like to do some advertising for ourselves, we are volunteering every Saturday from 230 to 530 and all are free to join us. Of course, do not expect our normal routine to be as intensive and high octane as the outings we’ve been on. The activities might be banal, but the company is fun and entertaining, and we all can’t wait to see you again.

This is Raymond. Peace out.

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Kopi Roti Session 22 Apr 2017

Moral Angels Volunteers held their first “Kopi Roti Session 2017” on 22-04-2017 (Saturday).

On this bright and lovely “Spring” afternoon Brother Song met up with Christina, Rico, Susan and Alice (Susan’s friend) to collect the chwee kueh at Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 hawker centre. We next proceed to collect the siew mai at “Tanjong Rhu Pau” and reach  “Moral Home for The Aged Sick” at about 1.45pm.

12 Sam arrived with soya milk and Adelene was kind to fetch Mr Lee, Mr Cheong and Mdm Tan, our invited guest from Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities @ Indus Moral CARE and our Susan also invited her friend Alice to support our karaoke too.

When the event started at 3pm, the canteen area were packed with our Ah Gong & Ah Mah. As usual, our all hardworking F&B team, Rico, Christina, Susan, Vivian, Doris, Ping Sing, Joyce, the young volunteer kakis all spring up to help to prepare the snacks. At 3.15pm, we begin with serving MH residences, Chwee kueh, siew mai and soya bean drink. The snack were the right choice, Ah Gong & Ah Mah just finished the snack in no time. There was a residence who had requested for 3 serving of soya bean drinks, till the nurse had to refrain him from over drinking.

After the snacks being served, Stuart, Hui Quan & YiQi warm up with singing. Next we invited Mr Cheong to perform the Cantonese karaoke, followed Mr Lee who picked his all time favourite Hokkien songs and Mdm Lee the mandarin songs. The 3 singers seems to be well prepared and chosen as each had selected Mandarin, Hokkien & Cantonese to entertain the residences. Next in the number was Alice who sang modern, cha cha piece. Our dear Susan was so sporting, where she dance cha cha on stage.









On the audience side, our dear Robert and aunty Angel had “CHOPE the circles seat” to watch attentively to the performers. The audience love the singing group, as many times, we can see Ah Ma humming along, aunty Angel and Robert gave few thumbs up to encourage the singers. Also can hear from the background shouting “ encore, encore”…I am one of them….

Aunty Angel is a big fan of YiQi, she will always listen attentively to YiQi’s singing. Once, I tried to sing, Aunty Angel gave me a thumb down…….sigh…


One of Moral Home residence Mr Sim also performed 2 songs that had rocked the hall with his strong vocal tune.

At 4.15pm, YiQi, Hui Quan, including Rico who sang and dance to our residences upstairs. I greatly appreciate YiQi who informed me her intention to bring cheers to our less mobile and bedridden residences too.

Time really flies, its almost 4.45pm and time for dinner. Hui Quan started the game session; Name the songs or Singers. As usual, the objectives of games is to bring cheers to the residences with special gifts contributed by our Brother Song. This time, Brother Song had contributed more than 30 bottles of Bird Nest to reward our lovely Ah Gong & Mah. The grand finale came a surprise to Ah Kiat, where we celebrated his Birthday with song and cake.

This Kopi Roti session was blessed with support from The Ngee Ann Polytehnic students who help to take our video, photos. Mr Lee, Cheong, Mdm Lim, Alice, Mr Sim …. and Susan who sang and perform to us. Many many thanks to our own team Stuart/Doris & family, YiQi, Hui Quan, Ah Kiat, Lucas & Kayden– the drummer, Giselle-the pretty girl. Our Joy team, James, Meng Huat, Rico, Christina, Aunty Vivian, Raymond, Ping Sing/ Desmond & family, Stella, Jin Xiong–the Master of Ceremony, Willit-where we missed her laughter, Joyce & Kayden (Joyce’s son) kind boy who help to massage my back, Brother Song-all time generous man.

Kudos must also go to Sam for inviting and engaging the 3 elderly singers from Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities who came and brighten the day for the elderlies of Moral Home for The Aged Sick.

The event end with briefing by Raymond on our next outing on 27 May 2017 with students from Singapore Sports School.



Written by Sam (Assistant Volunteer Leader)






The Team Building Event is the third event of 2017. It was held on 4th March at Aloha Changi

Seafront Chalet A which is a double storey chalet nestled in the serene and laid back surroundings of

Changi Village. The objective was for moral angels to consolidate our activities of 2016 and chart our direction forward. This event was also the gathering of minds and sharing among like-minded people.


Angels Strength

We have about 20 volunteers turning out for this event.


Committee Members

Organisers – Stuart and Sam

Food and Beverage – Doris, Christina & Susan

Team Building Games – Ray Ray


Event Summary

The night before, Stuart & family checked into the chalet with Susan, Christina and Willit. The next morning, we ventured to Changi Village for breakfast and to buy the necessities needed for the event.


Due to the heavy downpour, the event was delayed slightly so that everyone could attend the event. Uncle Meng Huat was the first to arrive. At around 2pm, Sam kicked off the event with a recap of the 2016 activities. In his recap, Sam brought us down the memory lanes of 2016. The recap was peppered with lots of photographs and we were all amazed by we had achieved in just one year. Sam paid accolades to Moral Angels for their contributions too.


Stuart introduced the new Moral Angel Committee as well as the forecast of the 2017 activities. Almost all of us were assigned (arrowed) an activity to be organisers. Stuart ran through the scope of the committee members and the organisers. The initiatives for organiser were:


  1. To prepare a publicity poster before the event; and
  2. To prepare a report after the event.


After that we took a short tea break. The tea break was food & fruits galore! All the moral angels quickly dived into the food. Thanks to Huiquan and Yiqi who bought us some nice roasted meat for us. Thanks to Uncle Song for buying so many varieties of fruits – so that we could have a “fruitful” discussion. Thanks to our Kitchen Chief Susan and Kitchen Aids Christina and Doris for preparing the sumptuous makan.



After the tea break, Gary sprang into action with a useful lesson on AED. At first, we were all unsure of how and when to use AED. With Gary’s fun and engaging lesson, we tried our hands at using the AED while giving CPR and our confidence was greatly boosted.


Next up was Yiqi who gave us an insight on the nuances of using Facebook as a personal/group profile and as a page. We were enlightened on the differences and the pitfalls for not abiding to Facebook’s regulations.


Sam stepped up to share his experience in volunteering and Meng Huat also gave a short thank you speech for receiving a Volunteer Award lately. Following that, Stuart talked about how we could live a healthy life through eating smart, eating right and cultivating good eating habits. Hopefully we can all become healthier so that we can take care of our loved ones and the elderlies.


After the sharing session, Stuart took the opportunity to present some gifts of appreciation to Raymond, Sam and Susan for their hard work. (Unfortunately Poh Yan, Rico, James and Vivien could not join us during the event. No worries we will pass the gifts to you soon!)


Raymond then picked up the baton to become the Games Master. We played two games. The first game was a special “Horse Race” which pitted the gentlemen against the ladies. The game gradually became a shouting match as both sexes were determined not to lose the game (and lose face).

We proceed to the second game which was named “Mai Tai”. Each team had to mix a cocktail for the other team to taste. For this game, the ladies won as they correctly guessed 4 out of the 6 drinks that were in the cocktail. You go girls!!!!! Thank you Raymond for the wonderful games. It’s a pity we could not go through the whole repertoire of games.


Right after the games, we tugged into dinner and the kids wasted no time in hitting the playground. It turns out that the playground comes with water play. Needless to say, the kids simply had loads of fun while we adults had fun just watching them go.


We had a discussion on the new Moral Angel logo designs and new volunteer vest/shirt. It was decided that we will look for suppliers that can printed vests. The vest design will be shared with everyone once it is firmed up.


Special thanks to

Sam for bringing the barang barang to and from Moral Home.

Susan for preparing the tea break and buying stuff.

Christina for helping Susan.

Doris for helping Christina who was helping Susan.

Jinxiong for helping to pick up Susan, Christina and Doris in the rain and buying ice.

Raymond for planning the games and playing game master.

Yiqi and Sam for sharing valuable information with us.

Gary for the useful lesson and the extra effort in bringing CPR dummy.

Adeline and Willit for popping by for a short while.

Everyone for attending this event and sharing your view points. We really appreciate you taking time out of a precious weekend to meet up. See you at Moral Home soon.

Written by Stuart

8rd March 2017

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Team Building Event

2017 Team Building Poster

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Volunteer in the News ! Well Done Sam !

Volunteer in the News ! Well Done Sam !

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